What Lives On

A project at Krematorium Nordheim, Zurich, April to October 2018

I asked friends to send me a phograph of a deceased person they knew together with some words about what of this person lives on in them. Almost 60 people took up the theme and sent me a photo and a text.
I used the photographs as a model for portraits on the glass walls at the exhibition. The texts could be read in a concentrated version in the exhibition and in a longer version in a brochure.

The exhibition was a temporary installation. The portraits were removed after 6 months. A publication about the project will appear in 2020.

Photos and video by Jakob Ineichen.
> Brochure with texts and portraits

The setting up
During 5 evenings/ nights I painted the portraits on site by means of a beamer.

The exhibition
Portraits in gouache on glass, ca. 80x80cm; texts on cardboard, 20x20cm, april to october 2018 

The tearing down
After the exhibition we scraped the paint off and collected the blue powder in a tin box.

The completion
November 2019, one year later, we gave te blue powder over to the rain on a big sheet of paper. The result was a "rain painting" in three parts.

The rain painting
Watercolor and rain on paper, three parts, each 150x150cm

The emergence of the rain painting 
Video by Jakob Ineichen, 4:26