Why Art?

I love art that pictures the visible world, and I love art that speaks of invisible worlds.
I love art that investigates, and I love art that plays.
I love engaged art, and I love beauty without purpose.
I love seriousness and depth, and I love playfulness and humour.

I enjoyed painting and drawing since my childhood and youth. I loved to represent things I saw. I discovered that drawing has a lot to do with looking at things precisely. I also loved to play with paint and paper, I loved to improvise and to express myself like that.

I am interested in the functioning of our mind and how this relates to art: how does our mind create a vivid experience with the information of our sense perceptions?
On the other hand I am interested in the craftmanship part: what kind of information does our mind need to be able to create a vivid experience?

Art can make a strong statement about inner experiences. It can be a means to access deeper areas of oneself and of the world that usually are not accessible to the conscious mind. I discovered certain methods to access this inner world by purpose. Often I am myself surprised by the outcome of this kind of work.